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Investment Advice and Management

We advise companies, private equity houses, asset managers, family offices, institutional clients and private individuals on debt financing strategy and deliver creative solutions from a wide range of financing sources for corporate and individual clients. Our independent advisory model enables us to objectively examine all possible structures and alternatives, including senior and junior debt as well as mezzanine structures and select the best solution for our clients. We nurture constant dialogue with our extensive contact network of banks, insurance companies, mezzanine providers, debt funds and investors, which gives us detailed knowledge of current trends and practices across debt and equity markets. Our portfolio construction process is designed to seek opportunities to maximize your probability of success, while minimizing risk. The most important aspect of managing assets is establishing a sustainable portfolio that will enable you to stay the course and achieve long-term financial success. We specialise in the design, construction and management of bespoke investment portfolios on an advisory basis.


Most of our clients portfolios are bespoke and individual to them, reflecting the fact that each client is different and often come to us with an existing portfolio, some of which will be worth retaining. Our investment management service is based on sound risk management, which includes risk profiling, matching investment risks to client requirements, with the aim of providing the best possible return for the lowest possible corresponding level of risk. To accomplish this goal, we’ll educate you about what you own and why, volatility and the nature of markets, and how to avoid common behavioral mistakes, such as liquidating at inopportune times. We aim to construct portfolios that allow you to achieve your long-term goals while remaining within your volatility comfort level. We seek to maximize participation in market advances while mitigating participation in market declines within the selected level of volatility. In this way, we seek to deliver a more stable, sustainable investor experience.


At Al Maha Financial Services we believe independence, professionalism, integrity, and expert knowledge are the keys to helping our clients attain financial success, however they define it. We are committed to putting our clients’ interests first—ahead of our own interests or the interests of anyone else - as we provide comprehensive, long-term, customized financial advice and implementation.

We are a full service business development group - we build extra strategies and systems.